Here you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about our ACADEMY bikes.
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General questions

The permissible total weight is: 14″ 40kg 16″ 50kg 20″ 70kg 24″ 80kg 26″ 80kg
Yes, you can find the right stands, mudguard sets, etc. in the shop
You can find the manuals in the download portal.
If available, 2-3 working days
At all affiliated Coolmobility dealers and in our shop.
Grade 2 / 14 inches Between 2-4 years (from 95 cm) Grade 3 / 16 inches Between 4-6 years (105 – 120 cm) Grade 4 / 20 inches Between 6-8 years (115-130 cm) Grade 5 / 24 inches Between 7 -11 years (130 - 145 cm) Grade 6 / 26 inches Between 10 – 14 years (140 – 165 cm)
We currently do not offer a suitable mudguard set in our range, but you will find one in any specialist shop near you.
The matching stand for the ACADEMY Grade 3 is this ACADEMY stand 14 & 16 inches or ACADEMY stand 16 inches .
Here you will find a suitable luggage carrier: Accesories
The ACADEMY bike has a KSA40 interior. The KSA40 standard describes a hole spacing of 40 mm. We have matching COMOA stands on offer, which have been developed precisely for the dimensions of our bikes.
Our ACADEMY bikes in 14 and 16 inches are relatively "naked" because we focus on lightness. In order to make the bike roadworthy, a light must be installed later. Brakes, reflectors and a bell are included. You can also retrofit stand and mudguard as additional accessories.
When you order from and in the online shop, each bike is fully assembled, adjusted and checked by qualified mechanics. A few simple steps, such as tightening the handlebars and mounting the pedals, are still necessary.
Stands, mudguards and luggage racks fit almost all of our bikes.
Write to us directly. We will help you further!
Delays in delivery are usually not an issue. All models are available from our trading partners as well as in our shop.
With a light bike, the child can concentrate purely on the riding technique and does not have to be afraid of tipping over in the next bend or not being able to pick up the bike. A light bike is ideal, especially for small children who want to become mobile and switch from a balance bike to a real bike.
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