BELT - GRADE 2 to 6

With the belt drive, we're picking up on a great trend: belt drives are extremely light. In addition, they score with less maintenance, a longer service life and impressively quiet operation.


The sporty ACADEMY bike with chain sticks to our "super light concept". The robust and reliable design of the chain drive enables efficient power transmission and high resilience.

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Thats what our customers say
Perfect for Grade 4
Due to the fact that everyone described that the stand was too long, I debated for a long time whether I should order it at all. But since I couldn't find an alternative, I dared to do it anyway. I can now say that when the stand is pushed all the way together (it can be adjusted in length with an adjusting screw) it fits perfectly for the Academy Grade 4 Belt. Nothing wobbles or falls over, the bike stands securely and the function is fully given. Of course I can't judge that for the normal 4er, but for the belt everything is great!
My son already has his 2nd Academy. He has now switched from Grade3 to Grade4. Because we are convinced of the quality, we remain loyal to Academy. With a bit of practice, it will also work with the gear shift. Conclusion: always a lightweight bike!



The weight of an ACADEMY bike is 40% lighter than the body weight of a normal child. 5.3 kg for the 14 inch, 5.5 kg for the 16 inch, 7.2 kg for the 20 inch, 7.9 kg for the 24 inch and 8.6 kg for the 26 inch are far below the usual weights of children's and youth bikes on the market .


ACADEMY bikes are uncompromisingly well thought out. They are equipped with child-friendly components for daily, urban use and look modern and cool.


The better the weight and ergonomics of the bike are tailored to children, the greater the motivation to ride. This results in more movement and fun.


The light, up to 3-fold butted aluminum frames and forks and the attachments, which are also specially made of aluminium, guarantee extremely low weight classes for all ACADEMY models. The newly developed VEE TIRE Rail folding tire with reflective ring offers the best rolling properties with perfect grip.